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      The first lecture introduction
      1. Import case: Does picking up rags constitute a crime? Are the company's R&D personnel guilty?
      Second, the confidential content
      1. State secrets
      2. Trade secrets
      3. Work secrets: such as internal information of scientific and technological archives, evaluation opinions of scientific and technological achievements, personnel list, etc.
      Third, the importance of trade secrets
      1. Trade secrets are the core competitiveness of enterprises
      2. Case analysis:
      2.1 ijҵ˾ʹʧ̻Ĺ
      2.1 The story of a retail company losing business opportunities.
      2.2 ˡϲƬйܰ
      2.2 "Iron Man" Wang Jinxi photo leak case
      3. The most fatal mistakes made by entrepreneurs in the 20th century are decision-making mistakes, and the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs in the 21st century are leaking secrets.
      ڶ ҵܵĻ֪ʶ
      The second is about the basic knowledge of trade secrets
      First, trade secrets
      1, the "four" of trade secrets
      1.1 secrecy
      1.2 ҵֵ
      1.2 commercial value
      1.3 ʵ
      1.3 practicality
      1.4 confidentiality
      2. 3W1H on trade secrets
      3. Classification of trade secrets
      3.1 technical secrets
      3.2 Ӫ
      3.2 Business secrets
      4. Case analysis: The marketing personnel of a company were investigated for legal responsibility for taking away the customer list.
      5. Contents of trade secrets
      5.1 ܰ
      5.1 technical secrets include but are not limited to
          5.2 Ӫܰ
      5.2 Business secrets include but are not limited to
      6. Definition of the ownership of trade secrets
      Second, reasonable security measures
      1. Case analysis: Does cloning other companies' service processes, project proposals and training programs constitute infringement of trade secrets?
      2, reasonable security measures in the "wall principle"
      3. Identification of infringement of trade secrets: the principle of contact plus similarity MINUS legal source
      4. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of trade secret protection and other intellectual property protection
      4.1 ҵܱרͬ
      4.1 similarities and differences between trade secret protection and patent protection
      4.2 ҵܱרȱ
      4.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Trade Secret Protection Compared with Patent Protection
      4.3 ѡ׼
      4.3 Selection criteria
      4.4 彨
      4.4 Specific suggestions
      The third lecture  the forms and ways of the disclosure of trade secrets
      First, the manifestation of infringement of trade secrets
      1. Obtained by improper means
      2. Illegal disclosure
      3. Negative aggression
      4. The employee violates the contract or violates the confidentiality requirements
      Second, the manifestation of the disclosure of trade secrets
      1, insiders take the initiative to leak secrets
      1.1 ڲȡ
      1.1 internal theft
      1.2 й
      1.2 job-hopping leaks
      Case: Huawei Company's personnel flow leak case
      1.3 ܴʩ
      1.3 improper confidentiality measures
      1.4 й
      1.4 publishing leaks
      Case: A company's scientific research data leaked
      2. Stealing secrets by outsiders
      2.1 ڲ˲
      2.1 buy insider strategy
      2.2 ֱӲ̽
      2.2 direct sounding strategy
      Case: The story of the Soviet Union stealing the aluminum composition and quenching liquid formula of American large passenger aircraft
      Case: cloisonne process leaks
      2.3 ͵
      2.3 the bait-and-switch strategy
      2.4 spy strategy

      Ľ ҵܵı
      The fourth talk about the protection methods of trade secrets
      First, the technical management methods of trade secrets
      1, the basic ideas
      2. Specific practices
      Two, the legal protection of trade secrets
      1, the protection of trade secrets in China's current laws
      2. Relying on the Contract Law for protection
      2.1 protection of cooperative development contract,
      2. 2 ίпͬı
      2. 2 Protection of Commissioned Development Contracts
      2. 3 תúͬı
      2. 3 protection of technology secret transfer contract
      2. 4 ѯͬı
      2. 4 protection of business consulting and service contracts
      2. 5 ʽͬǰҵܺͬ
      2. 5 trade secret contract before formal contract is concluded
      2. 6 غͬݵĽͽ
      2. 6 case study: analysis and suggestions on the contents of relevant contract clauses
      3. Rely on the Labor Contract Law for protection
      3.1 λƶ
      3.1 unit rules and regulations
      3.2 Э
      3.2 confidentiality agreement
      3.2.1 Applicable conditions of confidentiality agreement
      3.2.2 Specific contents of the confidentiality agreement
      3.2.3 Matters needing attention in signing confidentiality agreement
      3.3 non-competition
      3.3.1 ҵֹ
      3.3.1 Applicable conditions of non-competition
      3.3.2 ҵֹĿ
      3.3.2 The purpose of non-competition
      3.3.3 ΢۵Google
      3.3.3 Case analysis: Kai-Fu Lee jumped from Microsoft to Google.
      3.3.4 ҵֹһ
      3.3.4 General contents of non-competition
      3.3.5 Application conditions of the principle of non-competition
      3.3.6 ҵֹ
      3.3.6 Compensation for non-competition
      3.4 Declassification period
      34.1 Meaning of Densification Period
      3.4.2 ڵע
      3.4.2 Precautions for applying the decryption period
      3.4.3 ܷ뾺ҵֹ
      3.4.3 Case analysis: Can the confidentiality period be combined with non-competition?
      4. Relying on administrative law for protection
      5. Rely on criminal law to protect
      6. Judicial relief
      6.1.1 Exercise of the right of claim when trade secrets are infringed on the cause of action⳥ on the amount of compensationڳеεķʽ's approach to responsibilityھ֤'s burden of proof
      6.1.2 Ȩ˵ľ֤
      6.1.2 Direction of Proof in Prosecuting InfringersҵܵЧ
      The validity of's trade secretsֶλȡ
      Obtained by improper means inܵʧ
      Losses suffered by
      6.1.3 ӴƼϷԴľ֤ԭ
      6.1.3 Proof principle of legal source of contact plus similar reductionӴ contact is similar ֤'s evidence inversion
      7. Employees should have a sense of confidentiality of trade secrets
      7.1 Աҵܵı
      7.1 employees' obligation to protect trade secrets
      7.2 ְԭ
      7.2 Three-no Principle of Employee Confidentiality
      7.3 Legal consequences of an enterprise infringing on the company's trade secrets
      7.3.1 Υ
      7.3.1 Civil violations;
      7.3.2 ·
      7.3.2 Criminal offense.

      彲 ҵҵܱдڵijЩԲ
      The fifth part  some misunderstandings and countermeasures in the protection of trade secrets of enterprises
      First, I don't know what trade secrets are
      1. Three schools of understanding trade secrets in practice
      2. Consequences caused by misunderstanding
      2.1 ʲôҵ
      2.1 There are secrets everywhere, and ultimately nothing is a trade secret;
      2.2 еķʸ
      2.2 The secret area is unknown and cannot be targeted;
      2.3 ֤
      2.3 proof cannot be given.
      Second, the difficulty of protecting trade secrets is unclear
      1, the arduousness of trade secret protection
      1.1 ܷΧȫԱ
      1.1 the full scope of confidentiality
      1.2 й
      1.2 diversity of leakage channels
      1.3 ܳ
      1.3 long-term secrecy
      2. Enterprises lack systematic and effective protection of trade secrets
      2.1 Χûϵͳ
      2.1 the scope of protection is not systematic
      2.2 ȱϵͳЧı
      2.2 lack of systematic and effective protection
      2.3 ȱ֪ʶȨۺϱ
      2.3 lack of comprehensive protection of a variety of intellectual property protection methods
      3. Suggestions for enterprises to protect their own business secrets


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